Avoid the Hidden Costs of Casino Bonuses

There’s nothing more dangerous to a casino than a gambler playing with house money. Yet, virtually all online casinos offer bonus incentives to lure new players and retain old ones.

Many of those casino bonus offers, though, come with terms and conditions that make them virtually worthless to all but the luckiest of bettors. It helps to learn to vet online casinos before you play and watch out for the ones that try to scam bettors via false promises of free chances to win real cash.

Casino bonuses generally come in three varieties, although others exist. Those three are free plays, a no-deposit bonus and a deposit multiplier. Casinos offer the bonuses because, as legal online gambling expands, more bettors are logging on for the first time and trying their luck at online gambling.

The best casino bonus offers will let you withdraw at least some of your winnings from bonuses and free plays right away. It won’t be all of the winnings, but you get at least some of it up front. The rest you get after completing the terms and conditions of the bonus offer.

Those terms and conditions, though, are where the casino bonus scams can take effect. If a casino bonus is a scam, it will make you wager the same bonus amount many dozens of times over or more, before you can withdraw a single cent of your winnings from bonus plays.

Some casinos might require you to wager 250 times the bonus amount or more before you can withdraw money. The idea is that over hundreds or even dozens of wagers, the house advantage has the best chance to assert itself and wipe out any winnings you might get.

The casino also wants to give you every chance to lay a bad bet and lose your bankroll. Then, you have to deposit your own cash to continue, which the casino anticipates collecting from you over time, as well.

The key to avoiding casino bonus scams is to read the fine print and avoid those that place unreasonable terms and conditions on your ability to withdraw your winnings.

It’s common to have to wager your bonus winnings anywhere from one to five times or so before you can withdraw money, but anything more than that is leaning toward a scam.

In many cases, you would be better off depositing your own money and wagering with that instead of the house bonus cash. You need to have luck as well as skill on your side to cash out after dozens or more wagers, and especially 100 or more bets.

When you put your own cash up front, you at least get to keep the winnings from your winnings streaks. But, an honest casino bonus still is a great offer worth trying.