Come Win Your Dreams With The Eurojackpot Lottery

With millions of Euros to be won, the Euro jackpot Lottery is one of the most popular online betting website. Every Friday someone’s dream of becoming a millionaire comes true and since there are 12 prize tiers to compete in, there are opportunities for more than one lucky person to win this game of chance. This lure is difficult to ignore and thus people across 17 European countries sit glued onto their laptops, tablets and Smartphones for the Eurojackpot lottery to open online.

Playing methodology

Costing a meagre 2 per line to play Eurojackpot online, the Eurojackpot lottery starts off at 10,000,000 and can go up a whopping 90,000,000 with its system of rollovers. The goal of this online lottery is to match:

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  • 5 numbers correctly out of a total of 50 numbers and
  • 2 supplementary numbers from another 10 numbers.

In order to win the jackpot, a player needs to mandatorily match every one of the 7 numbers which are drawn. But in instances wherein this match does not happen, the jackpot amount gets rolled over to the subsequent draw thereby increasing its prize money. The stakes are quite high and the odds that favour a win are 1: 95,344,200. While the lottery itself takes place every Friday at 9p.m from Helsinki, the capital of Norway, the winning lottery ticket evaluation is done both in the countries of Denmark and Germany.

As compared to the other online lotteries taking place globally, the payout for the Eurojackpot lottery is much more frequent. It is thus predicted to grow to record-breaking proportions in the very near future. In fact with the number of players who play Eurojackpot online every Friday increasing by leaps and bounds, that day does not seem very far.

One very important fact about this online lottery is that the winning amounts for all tiers except the first is calculated on a national basis. Hence they vary from country to country based on a number of reasons like:

  • Total number of winners from that country,
  • The lottery tax applicable in that country etc.

Availability of lottery tickets

The lottery tickets are made available to the masses by a number of online lottery websites, some of which are licensed by the state that they are currently based while others are non-official. Currently online websites selling Eurojackpot lottery tickets in U.K are licensed but some other states like Italy, Slovenia and Iceland have strict restrictions in place. Of course there are other authorised resellers of Eurojackpot lottery from whom tickets can be easily purchased.

The Eurojackpot lottery is a monumental explosion, just waiting to happen in the lives of those fortunate enough to win it. It is a big time win, one that has the potentiality to catapult one to become a very wealthy person and this allure of the lottery is definitely hard to ignore.