Fantasy Cricket Is Becoming the Latest Craze in Fantasy Sports Arena

We all know that fantasy sports betting has been leaving a mark on the internet for quite some time, but fantasy cricket is a relatively new player. It can also be seen that fantasy cricket has been creating a lot of buzz lately, which clearly shows that it is here to stay. It might even be one of the most interesting fantasy sports out there. Cricket is a wonderful game and combining it with the power and prowess of fantasy sports clearly creates something astounding. Here are some of the facts that prove that fantasy cricket is becoming the latest craze in the arena of fantasy sports:

  • The Popularity of Indian Premier League:

With its 10th season ending on 21st May, 2017, IPL is clearly one of the most watched leagues in the entire world. Fans from around the world enjoy this great game format. Players from various nationalities play together and give all-round entertainment to their fans. Due to the popularity of IPL, many international players have gathered a fan following in India as well. The versatility of this game demands to be exploited as fantasy cricket online, which is why IPL is one of the most popular fantasy cricket games online.

  • Various Formats:

When it comes to other sports, there is just one way to play it. A soccer game comprises of a 90 minute game and that doesn’t change. It might be extended in case of draws, but otherwise, the game stays in a 90 minute format only. Cricket, on the other hand, can be played in three different formats: Test Cricket, One Day (50 overs cricket) and Twenty-Twenty (20 overs cricket). This allows the fans to get the enjoyment of three different formats all in one type of fantasy game. This is why fantasy cricket is popular.

  • Easy Earnings:

There are a lot of rules and regulations involved with other tournaments. For cricket, it is really simple. You make more runs or take more wickets and you win the match. A match win also entitles some bonus earning. If you get the maximum number of points in the entire tournament then you get a huge tournament bonus and this is over the match bonuses that you have been getting. This makes huge earnings and that too in a simple numbers game. All you need to do is select the best team and hope they score better than the leftovers.

  • Customizing Your Team:

A very few fantasy league games allow this, but in cricket, you don’t have to go with any one of the teams that are playing that day. You can choose players from both the teams and create your separate team. The amount of runs scored and wickets taken by each of your rejects would be the score and wickets of your opponent and the runs scored and wickets taken by players you selected would be added to your account. You get your favorite team and also increase your winning chances.

All these pointers prove that fantasy cricket is worth all the craze that it is getting nowadays.