Frequently asked questions about poker online Indonesia

Online poker enthusiasts always seem to want some clarification about one aspect of the game or another. Seeking clarification applies both to new players and players who have been in the game for some time. Live poker enthusiasts may also ask some questions when considering joining online poker. Below is a compilation of the most common questions they ask.

How is online poker different from live poker?

The basic rules of the game are the same, whether played live or online. However, these are some differences like; playing online is much faster than a live game. Playing poker online Indonesia is more convenient because you can play at your preferred location. It also offers a wider range of games to select from, and you have a wider variety of stakes available to fit your desires.

Is online poker fixed?

Online poker is not fixed. However, this only applies to reputable sites. There are reported cases of some poker sites cheating their players. Legitimate sites do not fix games because to them, it does not matter who wins or loses. They earn rake as long as the players participate.

Can I trust online poker sites with my money?

Yes, you can trust poker sites with your money. However, it is important to be cautious. It is advisable to play on reputable sites that have a good track record.

What stakes can I play for online?

Most sites have a wide variety of stakes to match the players’ preferences. Cash games in some websites have stakes starting as low as $0.01 for blinds, while tournaments start as low as $1. The highest stakes are available in few sites. The low stake websites also have high enough stakes to accommodate all players.

What are poker bonuses?

Poker bonuses are additional funds that poker sites credit to your account. Bonuses are offered as an incentive to new customers to encourage them to play, or to existing customer to reward them for their activity.

Online poker is easy to learn, especially if you are passionate about it. Poker sites will always provide the rules of the game.