Increased Oversight Protects Online Poker Rooms

The online casino industry, including online poker rooms, continues growing at a fast pace, with regulatory oversight helping to make the expansion possible.

About a decade ago, the online gambling industry largely was an unregulated entity subject to manipulation, corruption and players losing their accounts after winning lots of money. Since then, the top online casinos and various national and local governments have enacted and enforced regulations designed to make online gambling transparent, honest and fun.

Virtually all of the best online casinos and poker rooms undergo rigorous audits to ensure gaming integrity and fairness to players. That makes it lot easier to vet online casinos before you play and ensure you are playing poker and other casino games at the best casinos.

Most of the best-rated online casinos and poker rooms are owned and operated out of a handful of jurisdictions that provide stringent regulatory oversight to ensure honest games and payouts. Those locales include the UK, Malta, Australia, Caribbean Island nations, Nevada and others.

Whether you play classic slots online, or prefer playing poker and other casino games, the outcomes, including payouts for your winnings, undergo audits by some of the world’s leading online auditing firms. Those firms include renowned international auditing firms, like eCORGA — the e-Commerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance organization.

Auditing firms like eCORGA ensure online casino games truly are randomly operated and fair for all players, the payouts honest, and the casinos provide a first-rate gambling experience. That includes protecting players information and accounts from potential hackers and other online criminals.

Online casinos typically publish the results of their audits on their websites, which helps to ensure players their poker and other games are honest and their winnings protected.

If you can’t find the results, go to the casino’s “Contact Us” page or similar online resource and ask for a link to the results. Virtually all of the best casinos will be happy to let you see their audit results and direct you to them.

With increased oversight of the global online gambling industry, online gambling has grown by a steady 11 percent annually since 2013, industry experts say. That growth rate should continue through at least 2020 and likely beyond.

Many nations and local governments within them are looking at online gambling and poker rooms as potential revenue sources. Soon, online gambling could be legal across the entire United States and in many other nations.

That’s great news for poker players looking for long-lasting, lucrative games and more chances to win money.