Learn How to Play with House Money


Casino Bonuses Eliminate Risk

The online casino industry is growing fast, and that means lots of competition to get new players and more money rolling through casinos.

To do that, most online casinos offer special rewards for players, including free gaming credits for signing up for a new account. With those rewards, it’s possible to gamble for real money without risking any of your own.

Many free websites and other resources help players to find the best online casino rewards. For example, gamblers can find many casino and online slots real money sign up bonuses at muchgames.com and similar websites.

Since 2013, the global online gambling industry has grown by more than 11 percent every year, and industry analysts expect that growth rate to continue for the next several years. All that growth adds up to lots of competition for new players.

And, if the United States should legalize online gambling across the nation with a former casino owner — Pres. Donald Trump — in the White House, that growth could gain even more momentum.

What it all means is, with some diligence and a bit of research, users can find online casino bonuses that make it possible to gamble with house money and win cash.

The best kind of casino bonus to get is a no-deposit bonus, which simply puts free gambling credits in your account. Those credits usually have a monetary value, and you might be able to choose to wager the entire amount on one game, or spread it out among several.

When you win money, you get to keep it and keep betting. Some of your winnings from the free credits likely can be withdrawn right away. But casinos usually require you to wager a minimum amount to withdraw all your winnings from no-deposit bonuses and other rewards.

Another popular bonus is free play, which might apply to slots, or a particular game. A free play simply gives you a free wager on a game. If you win, the money goes into your account for further wagering.

The deposit multiplier is another commonly offered online casino bonus. All you need to do is deposit money into your gambling account, and the casino will at least match — possible even triple — the amount or more as a deposit multiplier.

There are many great casino bonuses waiting for players to use to grow their bankrolls and turn house money into large profits.